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Equipment Rental

Fully-equipped for high-end video, film, and photography projects.

Equipment Rental

$300 minimum gear rental total is required.  Inquire for details.

A7ursa 12k


A variety of professional film camera rentals from, pocket sized cameras to full size professional film cameras & drone rentals.



From teleprompters & monitors to matteboxes & follow focuses, we carry every camera accessory you need to turn your film into a reality.

SIGMA 7 lens FF Kit


Choose from a variety of different lens rentals to create different film styles including; filters, adaptors, single lenses & lens kits.



Tripod & mount rentals to keep your camera stable & safe including; shoulder rigs, monopods, mounts, photo & film tripods.



Audio recording device rentals including, handheld & wireless microphone kits, recorders, mixers, boom poles & more.



Grip & electric film accessory rentals that include; electrical cables, backdrops, stands, flags, flexfill reflectors & more.

aputure ls300x


We offer different sizes & styles of lighting rentals to create different moods for you film including overhead lights, kits & more.



At The Film Factory we carry several types of rigs, dollies, sliders & stabilizers to help you create professional high quality video.

Fan 30


Everything from green suits & smoke machines to two-way radios & pylons to help optimize your set and finish your film.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’re open M-F, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. We can make special exceptions for after hours or weekend pickups/dropoffs.

You have two options here. You can pick up your gear the day of your shoot as early as 10:00am, or if you have an early morning shoot, you can arrange to pick up your gear the day before anytime after 3pm and before close, at no additional charge! Either way please confirm with us when you will be coming so we can have everything prepared, and you don’t catch us when we’re busy doing other things.

Gear is due back no later than 11:00 am on the return date. If you are done with your gear earlier, then feel free to drop it off earlier during office hours.

Please call us first with as much notice as possible (not 15 minutes beforehand). We understand that things don’t always line up perfectly, and we try to be as flexible as we can for our clients, but we need advance notice. If you are late and don’t give notice, we will charge you an extra 1/2 day’s rental, and then a Full Day’s Rental for each subsequent day, until the gear is returned.

To return gear, Yes! To pick up the gear, we charge a $30 fee on top of the rental fee. Either way, please arrange a time for us to do so beforehand. Generally, we’re closed Sat-Sun, so if you show up the door will be locked and nobody will be there.

If your shoot lands on a weekend, come pick up the gear on Friday after 3 pm, and drop off the gear Monday before 11:00 am (Unless arranged previously to drop off during the weekend).

If you paid a Deposit, it won’t be returned. We’ll also take note of your name and be wary next time you come to rent gear. It’s better to stay on our good side.

The first day we charge out at the Full Day’s Rate that you see on the site. For additional days, we charge at a 1/2 Day’s Rate. Basically, a 3-Day Rental is charged as if it were 2 full days and a 7-day Rental is charged like it were 3.5 Days, and so on… Make sense?

For Clients who are booking gear longer than 7 days in advance, we may ask for a 50% Deposit on the Gear Rental Fee. If you decide to cancel your rental within 72 Hours of the Rental, we will keep 50% of that deposit and return the other 50% to you. If you cancel within 24 hours of your rental, we will keep 100% of the Deposit. The reason for this is because by booking the gear out for you, we are saying no to other potential customers, and therefore losing potential income.

Please bring a valid Canadian Driver’s License or Passport, as well as a Credit Card with enough free space to cover the value of the gear (We will let you know how much that is beforehand). We put a hold on your Credit Card for the full amount of the value of the gear. It’s kinda like starting a tab at the bar. When you bring the gear back in good working order, we remove the hold.

You’ll need to bring somebody who does have a Credit Card. No Credit Card, No Rental! They will also need their Driver’s License and to sign our Rental Agreement. Sorry, we can’t process Credit Cards if the person whose card it is, is not present. If you still can’t find someone, then the only other option is below.

Absolutely! If you’re unable to provide us with a Credit Card, you can purchase Replacement Insurance for the full value of the gear, naming us, The Film Factory New Media Creative House Inc., at 1126 Richter Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2K7, as the loss payee. You will need to show us this proof of insurance before you take the gear out with you.

Yes we are, as long as the gear stays in our possession. Once you rent it from us and leave the studio, the gear is now 100% your responsibility.

If you lose it, you buy it. If you break it, you pay for the repair, plus you rent it for the amount of time it takes to get it back into working order. If you steal it (or refuse to return it), we call our friends at the Kelowna Police Department. Their building is right next door to ours, and we have a good relationship with them. We also have lawyer friends, and we will make sure that we get the full value of our stolen gear back. Trust us though, we don’t want it to come to any of this, so if something bad happens to the gear, just be upfront with us.

Let us know ASAP! When at our studio, it is your responsibility to inspect the gear and make sure it is up to your standards. We regularly check and maintain our gear, but every once in awhile something may go unnoticed. You have 24 hours after signing the rental agreement to inform us of any damage or missing parts. After 24 hours, it will be presumed that the rented gear is acceptable and in working order, and you could be required to repair or replace the gear at your expense.

First of all, shame on you. Secondly, if we find the damage within 5 business days of the return of the equipment, we will contact you for an explanation, as well as payment for repair/replacement of the gear.

Cash, E-transfer, VISA, MasterCard & Debit. No PayPal, No Cheques. Generally, most people pay with the Credit Card they use for the hold, but if you’d like to pay another way, just let us know.

Sure, we’d be more than happy to get your gear to where it needs to be! We generally charge a $45 Delivery/Pick up Fee within Kelowna, but depending on the amount of gear rented and where it needs to go, prices may vary. Please ask us about this beforehand.

Sure as long as you make an appointment with us beforehand, and the gear is available at that time, we don’t mind you quickly giving the gear a go-over.

With some gear, we will give you a quick little run-down for free. Other gear that is more in-depth or skill based, we charge $40 for a 15-30 minute tutorial. Please inquire with us beforehand if you need us to help you with this.


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