Video Production in Kelowna & The Okanagan

At the Film Factory, our specialty is film and video production services.  We love to tell a story, and we strive to connect clients with their customers.  There are many moving parts to a high-quality film project, regardless of the goal of the video. Let us help you market your company, sell your product, generate support for your cause, or otherwise stand out from the crowd. Here are a few of the ways we can help you with that.


A highly produced commercial video can be a huge difference maker for your company’s or product’s brand awareness. When done right, they become captivating and memorable for the audience. Whether the final distribution platform is TV, web, or social media; our video ad production services will be sure to maximize your brand’s potential with a highly focused production value driven commercial.

Product Video

Straight and to the point, these videos are all about selling your product. A truly great product video both informs and inspires viewers to give you their attention (and their wallets), giving your company a boost to your video marketing efforts. When they see the product videos we produce, they will say to themselves “I want that!”

Event Coverage Videos

No matter the size or purpose of your event, be sure to capture it through the eye of a lens.  These videos are a great way to give back to those who attended so they can remember it fondly, as well as promote any other upcoming events in the future! Our event coverage videos will definitely capture all of the key moments and make your event look like the place to be!

Company Profiles

Every business needs a company profile video on their website and for social media.  These videos answer the who/what/why/when & how of your company, and lets the viewer connect to the people behind the brand on a more personal level. These videos are a great way to introduce your business to potential customers and investors. They will be sure to build trust in the brand right from the start!

Educational / Training Videos

If your company needs to explain a product or train your employees on a regular basis, then a simple training video can put time and money in your pockets and increase worker efficiency.  These videos can be done in long form or in a series of modules.
They also work great for companies that offer courses and certifications for any type of equipment, systems, or professional designations. They definitely give these courses a professional edge and work wonders to enhance the experience of the student.

Kickstarter Video

So you’re launching a crowd-funding campaign for your new product or idea?  Then we don’t need to tell you about the importance of a feature video for your campaign.  The key is to communicate effectively with your potential backers, and that all starts with a compelling video. This video will tell your story, and showcase your passion for your idea and how it will help enrich the lives of others to make strong connections and build a following for your cause.

Travel Tourism

These are our favorite shoots!  We absolutely love capturing the beautiful scenes our planet has to offer.  Whether to be used to sell the city in real estate videos, or to be used as stock footage in your company’s other videos, never underestimate the power of our natural surroundings framed through a lens. Our videos will definitely make your location look like a special place to visit and make memories!

Social Media Marketing Videos

It’s no secret that social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage potential customers these days.  Whether it’s a one-off or a series, these short form videos have the ability to gain viral attention, build on your social media following and drive traffic to your website to generate more leads or sales.

The Video Production Process

The Film Factory prides itself on an easy and efficient production process.  Easy for us means easy for our clients.  Here’s how it works:


For any film or video project, pre-production is the most extensive and important step. Detailed organization in this part of the videography process is key; the better prepared, the more seamless and efficient the production process will be.

We start by discussing your vision for the project. What do you want to achieve?  Who is your audience? What is the project’s “look and feel?” What type of video do you need?  Documentary? Commercial? Live event? The Film Factory will set up a discovery meeting to help you create and form your vision and bring your video aspirations to reality, within your budget.

Next, we’ll build upon your vision, taking every detail into consideration. Do you need a script? The Film Factory has in-house scriptwriters and copywriters. How about actors and other talents? We’ve got you covered there too. We take care of all the production logistics to ensure that your video is shot with ease and efficiency.

Don’t forget about locations – we scout each location beforehand to make sure each shot has the perfect setting. Videos can either be shot inside our Kelowna film studio or shot outdoors at one or many locations throughout the beautiful Okanagan Valley.  But we don’t just shoot at home, we’ve shot everywhere – Nashville, Vancouver, Phoenix, Ottawa, Dominican Republic, Las Vegas, just to name a few.


Lights, Camera, Action!  This is where all the ideas laid out in the pre-production phase come to life. We bring all our necessary gear – cameras, audio, lighting, gimbals, sliders, cranes, drones, etc.  Whatever it takes to get the shot! Depending on the size of your production, we will supply a crew to look after everything from camera operation to photography to hair and makeup.  Crews can vary in size from a single operator to a full on production unit of 12 or more people.


Post-production is where all the magic happens, it is the last step for telling your video’s story and connecting with your viewer. Using the best in post-production technology, we will make sure your product looks, sounds, and feels great.

In order to enhance the visual aspect of your project, you will have access to all of our editing services including NLE editing, colour correction, motion graphics/3D logos, and more.

The Film Factory is also home to a fully equipped audio recording studio. Our audio services include audio editing, mixing, mastering, sound effects, and voice-over recording. We can also help you find the right piece of stock music for your video, or provide a custom original composition to make your project really stand out.


When approved, the final copy is packaged and delivered in the requested format – DVD, Digital download, YouTube, or whatever type of modern technology you need!  Your target audience will dictate the most appropriate delivery format. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production

Here we answer some of the questions we get asked. Got a question that you don’t see answered here? Feel free to reach out to us.

We're big fans of great images & imaging. For us, that means both still photos and video have their place in effective ways of telling a story. If you are producing a website for your Okanagan winery or Kelowna business, for example, you'll want to employ both high-quality photos as well as great video clips to tell the story of your business and how you serve your customers. For wedding and other events, again both photo and video work well in tandem. Where video really excels is being able to tell a complete story in compressed time period, say anywhere from 30 seconds to 5-10 minutes. Of course we also do longer length video production for Okanagan companies as well as

Here at The Film Factory in beautiful Kelowna, BC, we're passionate about video production. From the planning & prep stages of video pre-production; to the actual shooting & video production stage (on location or at our Kelowna video production facilities); to the post-production stage, where it all comes together. We excel at all three of these video production stages, and we take pride in the quality work we do in each stage. Our biggest smiles come in the delivery stage, of course, when we get to hand over the finished video product and see the looks of joy, elation and satisfaction on the faces of our valued clientele. Find out how The Film Factory can help with your Okanagan video production needs.

Smartphones have come a long way in a short period of time. Today's latest iPhone and Android phones can produce very impressive photos and good quality video. For something simple like a TikTok, Instagram Story or even q quick YouTube video, phones can do the trick. But for more professional work that showcases your company or your work in its best light, there's still no substitute for professional video production. Although it involves a bit of an up-front investment, hiring the pros to produce your video for products, events, commercials, training or other video needs will pay off in the long run. To find out how, feel free to reach out to The Film Factory in Kelowna today.

This is your video, so obviously we want your input to make sure our product matches your desired messaging and branding requirements. We will need the most input from you during the pre-production phase where we will determine the vision and scope of the video. We will also need your approval on the scripts we write, or the locations we've scouted for use if they are applicable to the project.

From there, it's up to you. You can trust us to get the project done and wait to see the final product, schedule regular progress reports where you can provide feedback to us throughout the process, or have one of your team members join us on set as a consultant who can make sure the project stays on brand.

We want to produce videos they way you want them to be seen, and for the purpose they are to be seen, so any and all input from you is valuable to us.

It depends on the goal of the video. Is it meant to build awareness for a brand, sell a product, provide information, promote a cause or an event, or entertain an audience?

These different goals will create differences in what makes a video effective but there are some things that make any type of video effective regardless of the goal:

  • They capture the audience's attention within the first few seconds.
  • They tell a compelling story that allows the audience to connect with the content creators.
  • They inspire the audience to take some form of action.
  • They leave a memorable impression on the audience.
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