Kelowna Recording Studio Rental

Need a Quiet Studio to Record?

Voice-overs, Sound Effects, Podcasts, Post-Production Audio.
Rent this space to get the SOUND you’re looking for!

Audio & Control Room Rental

  • Full access! Comes with a mixer, iMac with Logic Pro and mics.
  • $85/hour

With Audio Engineer

  • Including recording, dialogue editing, sound design & delivery.
  • $130/hour


  • Podcast with up to 5 in studio guests plus call in guest.
  • $130/hour
*After Hours and Weekend Rentals may require a fee for a Facility Manager

Rent an Okanagan Recording Studio, Featuring:

  • 100 sq. ft isolation room
  • Acoustically treated to reduce outside noise and reverb
  • Control room with Allen & Heath 16 channel digital mixer & Pro Tools or Logic Pro X Software
  • Audio repair software to clean up any recording
  • Microphones include: Sennheiser MK4, Sennheiser MK416,  Sennhesier G3 packs, Rode NTG-2 X2 , Shure SM58’s, & Shure SM57’s
  • Audio Engineers available to help you get your sound right!
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