Editing Bay Rental

Need a Great Place to Edit your 4K Footage or Hi-Res Photos?
Available to Producers, Editors & Photographers!

4K Workstation, Transcoding, Assembly, Editing, Colour Grading & Final Export
Rent this space to get the amazing VISUALS you’re after!


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Video Editing System Rental

Full access to hardware & software. Comes ready to use with full Adobe Creative Suite, DaVinci Resolve, Hardware RAID & 4K Monitor.

  • $20/hour, $150 Daily*

With Professional Video Editor

Including: Binning, Assembly, Fine Edit, Colour Grading, & Final Export. Please contact in advance for editor availability.

  • $90/hour

Visual Effects for Film & TV

Access to Allegiance Studios for a free VFX consultation. By appointment only. Visit Allegiance studios at www.allegiancestudios.com

  • Call for Estimate

*After Hours and Weekend Rentals may require a fee for a Facility Manager


  • Editing Bay System in Private Room – Mac Pro dual 6 core CPU, dual 6 GB GPU
  • Colour-balanced 4K Monitor, to show true colourspace and display full clip resolution
  • Hardware RAID unit to better access your clips and reduce wait time
  • Full Adobe Creative Suite including After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Lightroom, Illustrator + more
  • An entire pre-built VFX library to be used in After Effects at your disposal
  • Editors and VFX artists are available to help you realize your vision!

Rent This Space! – Contact info@thefilmfactory.ca – 250-763-1005